Carpenter Valley

LOWER Carpenter Valley

The Land Trust is under contract to purchase 1,320 acres north of Truckee that includes a significant portion of Lower Carpenter Valley. This new acquisition follows a recent string of successful acquisitions that include Waddle Ranch Preserve, Perazzo Meadows, Donner Summit Canyon, Webber Lake and Royal Gorge, to name a few. This is one of our most important and most exciting acquisitions. The natural resources and condition of the property is nearly unheard of in the Northern Sierra.

Lower Carpenter Valley is one of the best examples of a properly functioning meadow in our area. Willow forests abound on the valley floor, and the North Fork of Prosser Creek does not suffer the common ailments seen in or local meadows - channelization and head cuts.  Instead  the creek meanders through the valley and vegetation grows right up to the water’s edge.  When the snow melts, Lower Carpenter Valley puts on a wildflower show that is unrivaled in our area. The Land trust has several restorations taking place on area meadows that will bring the meadows back to a state like Lower Carpenter Valley.

Now that the property is under contract, the $10.4 million fundraising campaign is underway. Your help is appreciated!

Click here to see some beautiful photos from Elizabeth Carmel from Carmel Galleries.