Little Truckee River Watershed

The Little Truckee River is the largest tributary of the Truckee River. Its headwaters are at Webber Lake, approximately 25 driving miles north of Truckee. The Land Trust and its conservation partners have been active in protecting land in this area for over 10 years. At the present time, the partnership of the Truckee Donner Land Trust, the Northern Sierra Partnership, the Nature Conservancy, and the Trust for Public Land, have conserved over 17,000 acres in the upper part of the watershed.

The watershed supports several lakes and important meadow systems. Headwater areas are important conservation targets, due to the ecosystem services they provide. The alpine, sub-alpine, and montane meadows of the Sierra provide critical habitat for wildlife while providing essential hydrologic and ecosystem functions. In addition, properly functioning headwater meadows are in essence a natural reservoir above man-made reservoirs that greatly increase seasonal water storage capacity. Protection of these properties has allowed for meadow restorations that, when complete, will enhance water storage capacity.

Properties protected by the Land Trust and its conservation partners are shown on the Little Truckee River watershed map below.

Little Truckee River Watershed


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