Up and to the Right

Wednesday, July 18, 2018 - 10:00am

If John Muir had invested $1 in the Dow Jones in 1907, it would be worth more than $25,000 today. If the stock market has been good to you in recent years, please note that Truckee Donner Land Trust is fully equipped to accept gifts of appreciated stock. Generous donors who are savvy investors know that you can deduct the appreciated value of your stock donation without owing tax on the capital gain.



The Dow Jones has increased 62% over the past five years. Graph courtesy of CNN Money.


To donate appreciated stock, follow these A-B-C’s:


A)    Let us know! Once transferred to the Land Trust’s Charles Schwab account, your shares will be credited to an anonymous donor and the brokerage maintains your privacy. We enjoy detective work, but it can take time. Let us know the date of the transfer and which stock so we can match the shares received with your gift and promptly send an acknowledgement letter for your files.

B)    The Land Trust uses Charles Schwab for stock transfers. Make note of the transfer instructions

C)    Value your generous donation at the time of the stock transfer. The Land Trust policy is to sell donated stock immediately – we are not professional investors and do not want to lose any of the value of your donated stock! We will send you a tax acknowledgement letter which lists the value at the time of our sale.