Truckee Donner Land Trust 2018 Hike Schedule

The Truckee Donner Land Trust has acres of properties with miles of trails available for your outdoor pleasure.  To introduce you to these amazing trails, the Land Trust is hosting the following docent led hikes in the 2018 hiking season.  To go back to the descriptions of all this season's hikes, click here.

26-May        Saturday        Lower Carpenter Valley
27-May        Sunday           Lower Carpenter Valley
9-Jun             Saturday        Lower Carpenter Valley
10-Jun           Sunday          Donner Summit Canyon
16-Jun           Saturday       Farad-Fleisch Bridge
17-Jun           Sunday          Lower Carpenter Valley
24-Jun           Sunday          Elizabethtown Meadows   **Trail Run**
25-Jun           Monday        Perazzo Meadows
30-Jun           Saturday       Lower Carpenter Valley
1-Jul               Sunday          Lower Carpenter Valley
7-Jul               Saturday       Lower Carpenter Valley ** Families with small children **
8-Jul               Sunday          Donner Summit Canyon
14-Jul             Saturday       Royal Gorge Rim Trail - Rowton
15-Jul             Sunday          Lower Carpenter Valley
20-Jul             Friday            Glacier Way to Drifter Hut  ** Cocktail Hour hike **
21-Jul             Saturday       Lower Carpenter Valley
22-Jul             Sunday          Castle Valley
25-Jul             Wednesday  Lower Carpenter Valley
28-Jul             Saturday        Perazzo Meadows
29-Jul             Sunday           Lower Carpenter Valley  ** Families with small children **
29-Jul             Sunday           Lacey Meadow Hike 
3-Aug              Friday             Lower Carpenter Valley
4-Aug              Saturday        Lacey Meadow Hike  ** Families with small children **
11-Aug            Saturday        Glacier Way to Drifter Hut  ** Full Moon hike **
12-Aug           Sunday            Lower Carpenter Valley
18-Aug           Saturday         Lower Carpenter Valley
23-Aug           Thursday        Lower Carpenter Valley
25-Aug           Saturday         Royal Gorge Rim Trail - Point Mariah
26-Aug           Sunday            Lower Carpenter Valley
29-Aug           Wednesday    Lower Carpenter Valley
2-Sep              Sunday           Lower Carpenter Valley
3-Sep              Monday         Lower Carpenter Valley
8-Sep              Saturday        Lower Carpenter Valley
11-Sep           Tuesday          Lower Carpenter Valley
15-Sep           Saturday         Lower Carpenter Valley  ** Mountain bike **
16-Sep           Sunday            Mt. Lola and Cold Stream Meadow
22-Sep           Saturday         Donner Summit Canyon
23-Sep           Sunday            Lower Carpenter Valley
29-Sep           Saturday         Elizabethtown Meadows
30-Sep           Sunday            Lower Carpenter Valley
6-Oct              Sunday          Farad - Fleish Bridge
13-Oct            Saturday       Lower Carpenter Valley
14-Oct            Sunday          Lower Carpenter Valley